jueves, febrero 19, 2009

Sepia Scenes - Escenas en sepia #3

Elegí para esta semana otra foto deportiva.
Tomada en el 2008 momentos previos a un partido de fútbol.

For this week i've chosen another sports photograph.
Taken in 2008, before a soccer match.

5 comentarios:

dot dijo...

I think the flags look great in sepia. I enlarged the shot and still couldn't tell if the cars were new or old so the picture does have an aged look.

marLou dijo...

I like the tint of the sepia. It does make it look old looking. Nice job!

maryt/theteach dijo...

A great sepia tone, Mike! I think I'd like to see the original photo too! Happy Sepia Scenes! :)

Gabriel dijo...

Mike, esta foto está realmente muy buena!

Mike dijo...

This sepia thing with the photos are really very good.
It enforces me to look for pcitures who can look fine in sepia.

Gracias Gabriel. Me pareció que iba a quedar bien.

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