sábado, septiembre 20, 2008

Photohunt Nro.4

El tema de esta semana es "camino".
Acá fue más sencillo buscar fotos, al contrario de la semana pasada donde no encontré nada "salvaje" (tema propuesto).

Bueno, acá van un par de fotos tomados ayer en el picnic de primavera. Corresponden a un par de caminos internos del club donde fueron los chicos del colegio.

This week topic is "road". It was more simple than last week to find any shot. Last week topic was "wild" and i didn't find anything wild to post. Well, here it goes, some pictures took in the classical spring pic-nic, yesterday. There are a couple of internal roads in the club where we went with the school.

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Stev & Emz dijo...

hey great entry for this week. hope u can drop at mine. =) happy weekend

Michelle's Rambling Woods dijo...

I came up with "wild", it was road that gave me trouble. You live in a beautiful area, it looks peaceful. Have a very happy weekend...

Michelle's Rambling Woods dijo...
Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.
Gabriel dijo...

Great pictures, Mike. It's really cool that you're taking part of the PhotoHunt experiment!

Btw, I will feature Pehuajó in one of my "Places I've been to..." posts very soon!

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