sábado, noviembre 14, 2009

Photohunt Nro.37

I'm back.
After several weeks without posting this meme, finally found the time to do it.

This week's topic is... music.

So, here they go.


De vuelta.
Después de varias semanas sin postear este meme, al fnal encontré el tiempo para hacerlo.

El tema de esta semana es... música.

Así que, acá van.

An old one, my brother (piano) and sister (voice) performing at City Hall's White Room
Una viejita, mis hermanos en el Salón Blanco de la Municipalidad

Valentina playing Gustavo's piano
Valentina tocando el piano de Gus

My students playing at school's gym.
Mis alumnos tocando en el gimnasio del cole.

My nephews playing in Christmas Eve.
Mis sobrinos tocando en Nochebuena

Welcome to my choir performing.
Bienvenidos a la actuación de mi coro.

2 comentarios:

Mrs Mecomber dijo...

So many music photos!! You are surrounded by music!

Happy Photo Hunting! I hope you get a chance to visit my post today at New York Happy trails!

Bull Rhino dijo...

It would be wonderful to be surrounded by so much music. Congratulations. Don't be gone so long next time.

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