domingo, abril 19, 2009

Photohunt Nro.24

El tema de esta semana es "púrpura".
Algunas encontré... servirán?


This week's topic is 'purple'.
I've found some... will they be good enough?

Clara, almorzando en Acassuso.
Clara, having lunch in Acassuso.

Valentina con su Barney en Navidad.
Valentina with her Christmas' Barney.

Para la casa de muñecas.
For the doll's house.

2 comentarios:

laagan dijo...

yes this is good enough. :-) I always wonder why kids love barney?

Marites dijo...

they are more than good enough..i like the color of the dollhouse:)

my PH entry is up too.

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