sábado, enero 31, 2009

Photohunt Nro.15

El tema de esta semana es "peludo".
Así que me puse a buscar y encontré entre mis fotos, un par que pueden ir bien.
La primera es de mi actual mascota, "Reina Jirafita" el ser mas peludo de la casa y la segunda de mi hermano Gustavo, el músico, antes de cortarse el pelo.



This week topic is "furry". So, I looked for some pictures and found this couple who can fit. First one is my pet, "Reina Jirafita" (L'tl Giraffe Queen) the "furriest" from home and the second one is my brother Gustavo, the musician, before his cut. Cheers.

Mi perra actuando para la cámara.
My pet, performing for the camera.

Mi hermano el peludo.
My brother, the furry one.

4 comentarios:

Mrs Mecomber dijo...

Both are great photos! I did Photo Hunters, too. I hope you get a chance to visit!

Happy weekend!

Alice Audrey dijo...

Dang, I should have done my husband! He's furry too.

Edward dijo...

I was furry like your brother too up until my shave yesterday. Very nice dog!

hanniani dijo...

Buenas fotos!!! Esta linda Reina Jirafita!!!

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