sábado, octubre 18, 2008

Photohunt Nro.8

Bueno, el tema de esta semana es "familia". Obviamente tengo varias fotos, y había elegido 8, pero como me pareció demasiado elegí 3. Las otras las reservaré para cuando me decida a escribir mas posts.

Ok, this week topic is "family". Obviously I have many pictures, and i've chosen 8, but there was too much so I've finally picked 3. I will reserve the other ones for future posts, when I decided to write them.

Mis padres y mis dos hijas
My parents and my two daughters

Marisu, Clara, Victoria y... Tania

Mis suegros, todos sus nietos y la biznieta Valentina
My parents-in-law, all their grandchildren y the great-granddaughter Valentina

5 comentarios:

JO dijo...

what a big family! happy weekend!

Here's mine. Thanks!

Anónimo dijo...

big family is always so much fun.

Mrs. Mecomber dijo...

Oh I had so many and it was hard to choose, also! Your photos are lovely.

Thanks for visiting my Photo Hunt today! I'm sorry the comment feature wasn't working-- it took me all day to fix it! :S It's finally fixed now!

Gabriel dijo...

Muy lindas fotos, Mike. Tu hija en la primera foto es igualita al bomboncito que tenes por nieta. Buen fin de semana y suerte en el partido contra el cabaret manhana! :-)

Great pictures, Mike. In the first picture, your daughter looks exactly like that angel you have for a granddaughter. Have a great weekend and good luck for tomorrow's game against that bunch of whiny little girls! :-)

Anónimo dijo...

What a lovely family! Truly a blessing.

Wishing the women in your life a Happy Mother's Day!

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